Historical Notes

The beginnings of Italian International Marathon are in the extraordinary legend of Dorando Pietri (1885-1942), the marathon runner who ran the London Olympics marathon in 1908. Maratona d'Italia memorial Enzo Ferrari was born in 1989 with the successful idea of linking it with a national lottery; this happened for the first time in 1991 and then it was combined with a lottery in 1993, 1995, 1996, 2001, 2002. Since then Maratona d'Italia memorial Enzo Ferrari has considerably grown, improving itself in the time; now it's one of the most important marathons in Italy, thanks to its ability in organisation and to the high quality of its services. In 1999, thanks to the agreement with the rampant horse's company, the Municipalities of Maranello, Formigine, Modena, Soliera, Carpi, the Province of Modena, the Region Emilia Romagna and the Military Academy of Modena, the marathon starts in Maranello and arrives at the traditional finish post in Carpi. In this way, we wish to remember Enzo Ferrari, who, in this occasion, comes back to his "first loved sport", since it is said that he practised athletics before becoming a motor-racing legend.
The continuous search for renewal, led the marathon organisers to introduce in 2001 the Skating Marathon: simultaneously, on the same marathon course, the athletes participated with ski rolls and skaters. The great success of this new race was rewarded by International Skating Federation with the assignation of the World Cup FIRS 2003.
In 2003 arrived on the scene the new long distance cycling races: Granfondo and Mediafondo Italia, partially on the same marathon course. The very high participation declared success of these competitions at their first edition. Their success also received enthusiastic approval from the Italian Cycling Federation , that in 2004 assigned them the Italian Cycling Championship FCI.
An important tradition has now been established in organizing great sports events, that enriches our lives under every point of view: social, cultural, human ...
These are the ingredients of such a significant happening, that lasts a whole week end, where the commitment and dedication of the public television (RAI) has been growing profoundly during the years.


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