11^ Granfondo Italia

Short description of the course

The Granfondo Italia 2013 edition will start Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 8:30 am by Carpi.
Long course: from Carpi will head towards Soliera, Modena, Ponte Alto, and turn towards Campogalliano and Rubiera.
The junction divided by the average distance traveled is long Cà Roggio, from this point the long course will continue for San Valentino , then Baiso, Viano, Scandiano (the path to this point will be restored) and then straight to the Monte delle Tre Croci.
The race will continue to Arceto, Runiera, Campogalliano and finally the arrival in Carpi for a total of 130 km.
Medium Route: after turning from Ponte Alto to Campogalliano will head in Rubiera, Casalgrande, Ca Roggio (Via Montebabbio - here you rejoin the path to long) and Monte delle Tre Croci, Scandiano, Rubiera, and finally the arrival Campogalliano in Carpi for a total of about 96 km.

All information on wesite: www.granfondoitalia.it


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